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Local Economic Development in Baltimore County Requires Smart Developments

Recent development of mixed-use spaces in Baltimore City and the Washington metropolitan area have helped jumpstart necessary revitalization in previously dormant areas. Such development projects have provided new and modern housing options for the growing population in the Baltimore area…

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Spotlight: Alexander Design Studio

Alexander Design Studio is a small architecture, interior and planning design firm located in Baltimore, Maryland. With experience on projects across the Jones Falls Valley, Alexander Design Studio values working on a variety of projects that are not limited to…

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Waterway Rehabilitation In the Jones Falls

The Waterfront Partnership and Blue Water Baltimore report gave the Jones Falls watershed a failing grade of 54, only slightly higher than Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The increased threat to the purity and safety of the Jones Falls watershed can be…

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Around The Park, Not In It

A major point of opposition voiced by residents in the Lake Roland area regarding the Bluestem development is concerned with the multi-use housing project’s impact on the park. While construction will be adjacent to the park, it by no means…

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Land Development and Good Stewardship

How Should Stewardship Apply to Land Development? To be a good steward is to be a careful and responsible manager of something within your care. When land is purchased for the purpose of development, the purchaser becomes the steward of…

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Spotlight: Plusen Landscape Architects

Plusen Landscape Architects is a landscape architecture firm based in Catonsville, Maryland. Known for elegant and timeless designs, the firm works on projects that range from commercial and institutional to high-end residential design. Plusen focuses on creating holistic designs with…

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Conservation Through Redevelopment

The developers and designers of the Bluestem development in the Bare Hills Community have planned construction in the most environmentally-friendly way possible—upholding the health of the park is of utmost concern. That is why the developers have planned for construction…

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The Rise of “Surban” Living

What is “Surban” Living? The term “surban,” which was coined by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, refers to a suburban community that offers the amenities and conveniences that urban areas typically offer. Surban communities are distinguished by their low crime…

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The “Looming Tower” in Lake Roland

While concerns have been raised that the Bluestem development will consist of a large block tower looming over Lake Roland Park, the Bluestem development team have gone to great lengths to ensure that the final construction will be nothing of…

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