Local Economic Development in Baltimore County Requires Smart Developments

Recent development of mixed-use spaces in Baltimore City and the Washington metropolitan area have helped jumpstart necessary revitalization in previously dormant areas. Such development projects have provided new and modern housing options for the growing population in the Baltimore area as well as expanded opportunities for businesses, retail and restaurant establishments to thrive. The development team at Bluestem is committed to the maintenance and enhancement of the beauty of Lake Roland as well as economic revitalization of the Bare Hills community.

Smart Redevelopment Creates Newfound Vibrancy

Several multi-use spaces such as Remington Row and The Rotunda in Baltimore City, as well as many successful mixed-use villages in Bethesda, Columbia and Annapolis, have proven the effects of new, modern development in the regeneration of the local economy. The Rotunda in Hampden, for instance, has quickly reached maximum capacity and has helped spark revitalization in a previously underused area of the city, bringing new residents, homes and jobs to a growing community. Modern, mixed-use spaces in surging communities, such as Columbia, have played a major part in the communities’ economic and population growth.

These smart redevelopments have changed the way that Baltimore lives. They are modern, luxurious and economical—housing with on-site retail, offices, shopping centers and event space is desirable for residents of a wide range of ages. They help connect the community, as well, with the interweaving of living space, retail and entertainment that allows both residences and business owners to mingle.

While these mixed-use complexes have been seen to spark growth in their established areas, development in Baltimore County has been slow to catch up with that of Baltimore City and the Washington D.C. area. The economic benefits, as well as the question of what to do with the growing population of the county, have shown that these mixed-use spaces are needed in the Baltimore County area.

Development Will Revitalize Lake Roland

Strategic development of multi-use villages allows for more living, office and retail space. That is why smart redevelopment in the Bare Hills Community, such as the Bluestem development, will allow for an economic jumpstart. As development in Baltimore City and the Washington Metropolitan area shows,  these small cities in a microcosm of mixed-use spaces are the future for living and business ventures and help to revitalize the surrounding communities and their economies.

Trends show that baby boomers and millennials alike seem to flock to multi-use spaces such as those like The Rotunda and Remington Row. Recently, baby boomers have made some of the greatest impacts in the retail market—as boomers seek to downsize, and millennials look to enjoy the best of both worlds offered in a “surban” mixed-use village, it is essential for developers to mindfully focus on redevelopment to fit these societal needs.

There is currently a major opportunity for growth in the Bare Hills and Lake Roland communities in terms of retail and rental living spaces. The Bluestem development team seeks to make improvements to the community through a multi-use space that will provide an answer to these needs, as well as provide community members safer and more convenient access to the beloved Lake Roland park.

A Commitment to Maintaining the Local Community

The development team at Bluestem understands the necessity of upholding the Lake Roland community, which is why redevelopment has been largely structured around maintaining and enhancing the community while also protecting Lake Roland. The team at Bluestem also values the importance of remaining local and catering to the needs of long-time residents of the Bare Hills Community, and that is why the development and design team is comprised solely of specialists who are based in, and familiar with, Maryland and its characteristics. These include professionals from Bozzuto, Vanguard Retail Property Development, Alexander Design Studio, Human & Rohde, Plusen Landscape Architects, SGS Law, The Traffic Group, MFI Realty, Morris & Ritchie Associates and more.

Bluestem’s multi-use village will not stand in isolation—instead, it will be an amenity that will work in harmony with the surrounding area, boosting the local economy as well as interweaving with the community and its already-existing amenities.