Spotlight: Alexander Design Studio

Alexander Design Studio is a small architecture, interior and planning design firm located in Baltimore, Maryland. With experience on projects across the Jones Falls Valley, Alexander Design Studio values working on a variety of projects that are not limited to a specific type, scope or budget. The firm is committed to supporting local communities and implementing green and sustainable design wherever possible as well as using the latest technology, like three-dimensional computer modeling, so that clients can see and understand complex design ideas and be involved throughout the design process.

Alexander Design Studio’s role in the Bluestem project is to design the site plan as well as the residential building. The firm plans to create an interconnected and mixed-use community that provides all the best of a “surban” living environment while respecting the integrity of the natural landscapes surrounding the property.

Construction will be progressive and designed with efficient energy consumption in mind. All of the apartment units will have an outdoor experience so that residents can have a physical and emotional connection to the surrounding environment.

Alexander Design Studio is honored to be involved in the Bluestem project and looks forward to developing a community that functions in tandem with the local environment. To learn more about Bluestem’s commitment to innovative design, click here. To learn more about Bluestem’s focus on local development, click here.