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Spotlight: The Traffic Group

The Traffic Group is a leading national traffic engineering and transportation planning firm with headquarters located in Baltimore, Maryland. Established in 1985, The Traffic Group specializes in projects that concern traffic and transportation planning issues. With the help of more…

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Spotlight: Human & Rohde

Human & Rohde is a small, locally-owned landscape architect and land planning firm based in Towson, MD. The firm began in 1980 when John Rohde joined Ted Human to form Human & Rohde, Inc. Since that time, Human & Rohde,…

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Thoughtful Planning of Access Points to Lake Roland Park

Part of the Bluestem development plan includes an access point that connects to the “Orange” trail within Lake Roland park. This access point was planned through thoughtful collaboration with community members, park experts and professionals with specialized knowledge of the…

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Parking and Accessibility Still a Challenge for Lake Roland Park-Goers

According to the Lake Roland Nature Council (LRNC), park attendance has skyrocketed in the last decade— in the early 2000s, approximately 40,000 people visited the park each year, compared to nearly 450,000 people per year in 2018. Despite LRNC’s tremendously…

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The Rise of “Surban” Living

What is “Surban” Living? The term “surban,” which was coined by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, refers to a suburban community that offers the amenities and conveniences that urban areas typically offer. Surban communities are distinguished by their low crime…

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Spotlight: Lake Roland Nature Council

The Lake Roland Nature Council is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the stewardship of Lake Roland, a 503-acre nature park, as a public space for passive recreation and educational programs. The Lake Roland Nature Council works in partnership, as…

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Spotlight: Vanguard Retail Property Development

Vanguard Retail Property Development is a retail real estate development firm located in Baltimore, Maryland. The firm offers national and local clients in the Mid-Atlantic region a range of retail development services. Vanguard is known for their work in Maryland…

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Finding a Home for Downsizing Baby-boomers and Suburban-Bound Millennials in Baltimore County

The “rent-or-buy” dilemma is often attributed solely to the millennial generation and young professionals establishing their households—not for those who are approaching retirement. However, baby boomers—those born within the years of 1946 and 1964—are found to be renting far more…

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Restoring the serpentine – Lake Roland Nature Council

This article was originally written by, and published on, the Lake Roland Nature Council website. To view the original article, please click here.  This past winter, volunteers from Lake Roland Nature Council and the Maryland Native Plant Society initiated a test…

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