Spotlight: The Traffic Group

The Traffic Group is a leading national traffic engineering and transportation planning firm with headquarters located in Baltimore, Maryland. Established in 1985, The Traffic Group specializes in projects that concern traffic and transportation planning issues. With the help of more than 70 industry professionals and sophisticated technology, The Traffic Group is able to provide top-level consultation on services that include transportation planning studies, traffic studies, transportation and parking consulting, roadway and parking lot design, traffic data collection services, bicycle and pedestrian counting and robotic parking systems. The members of The Traffic Group’s team who have been working on the Bluestem project have spent the large majority of their career working specifically in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Traffic Group’s role in the Bluestem development is imperative in ensuring that traffic continues to flow efficiently and safely after the development is constructed. After assessing the area where Clarkview Rd and Old Pimlico Rd intersect, The Traffic Group evaluated the impact that the development may have on increased traffic periods that occur daily from 7:00 to 9:00 am and 4:00 to 6:00 pm. They found that the area can sustain more growth without traffic reconsideration. In order to prevent potential issues, The Traffic Group will introduce one traffic signal which will combine multiple access points and make traveling safer and easier. They will also add an exclusive left turn lane into the development to improve safety.

The Traffic Group is honored to be involved in the Bluestem project and recognizes the importance in ensuring that traffic moves smoothly in order to support the community as well as the project’s growth. To learn more about Bluestem’s commitment to current infrastructure and community concerns, click here. To learn more about Bluestem’s focus on local development, click here.