Spotlight: Plusen Landscape Architects

Plusen Landscape Architects is a landscape architecture firm based in Catonsville, Maryland. Known for elegant and timeless designs, the firm works on projects that range from commercial and institutional to high-end residential design. Plusen focuses on creating holistic designs with carefully chosen materials and construction techniques while also creating beautiful spaces. The firm’s design process involves research, schematic design, design development, construction documentation and construction assistance in order to create a beautiful outdoor space.

Plusen’s role in the Bluestem project is to design an aesthetic and functional outdoor experience around the development that also supports the local environment. For example, Plusen spent several hours inspecting Lake Roland and its microclimates and noticed that the Virginia Pine, an invasive species, is present throughout the serpentine barren area and into the Bluestem development. Their team will work with both Bluestem and the Lake Roland Nature Council to ensure that the invasive species on the Bluestem property are removed and replaced with native prairie grass, helping to sustain this unique ecosystem.  

Plusen also found that the area’s stormwater management is outdated and ineffective, allowing water to run untreated back into the lake. The firm advised implementing a runoff strategy that mimics the natural state of a native woodland forest. By adhering to modern codes, the stormwater management system will be more effective and have the ability to withstand 100-year storms.

Plusen will also collaborate with Bozzuto to ensure that lease documents will include educational materials about native and invasive species and which types of plants residents should avoid keeping on their porch or balcony so as not to spread spores of invasive species into the park. Plusen has also collaborated with park officials to discuss the potential of educational signage that would explain the delicate nature of the serpentine barren so park-goers, Bluestem visitors and residents alike can all serve as stewards of the park.

Plusen Landscape Architects is honored to be involved in the Bluestem project and looks forward to restoring the natural landscape while creating a beautiful place to live. To learn more about Bluestem’s commitment to supporting the local environment, click here. To learn more about Bluestem’s focus on local development, click here.