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Native Gardening: Reasons Why You Should Choose Native Species for Your Spring & Summer Garden

Native plants are already perfectly equipped to thrive in Maryland’s climate and ecosystems. This means a garden that is easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and a welcoming space for local pollinators, such as butterflies and hummingbirds. Here, we discuss some…

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Waterway Rehabilitation In the Jones Falls

The Waterfront Partnership and Blue Water Baltimore report gave the Jones Falls watershed a failing grade of 54, only slightly higher than Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. The increased threat to the purity and safety of the Jones Falls watershed can be…

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Around The Park, Not In It

A major point of opposition voiced by residents in the Lake Roland area regarding the Bluestem development is concerned with the multi-use housing project’s impact on the park. While construction will be adjacent to the park, it by no means…

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Land Development and Good Stewardship

How Should Stewardship Apply to Land Development? To be a good steward is to be a careful and responsible manager of something within your care. When land is purchased for the purpose of development, the purchaser becomes the steward of…

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Conservation Through Redevelopment

The developers and designers of the Bluestem development in the Bare Hills Community have planned construction in the most environmentally-friendly way possible—upholding the health of the park is of utmost concern. That is why the developers have planned for construction…

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Restoring the serpentine – Lake Roland Nature Council

This article was originally written by, and published on, the Lake Roland Nature Council website. To view the original article, please click here.  This past winter, volunteers from Lake Roland Nature Council and the Maryland Native Plant Society initiated a test…

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Protecting The Environmental Integrity of Lake Roland

The developers and designers of the Bluestem development in the Bare Hills community have gone to great lengths to ensure the project will exist harmoniously on the boundary of the Lake Roland park and help to both maintain and improve…

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