Native Gardening: Reasons Why You Should Choose Native Species for Your Spring & Summer Garden

Native plants are already perfectly equipped to thrive in Maryland’s climate and ecosystems. This means a garden that is easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and a welcoming space for local pollinators, such as butterflies and hummingbirds. Here, we discuss some of the benefits of native gardening for Maryland gardeners.


Conserve Water and Reduce Green Waste

Make a positive impact on the environment by planting a native garden. Native gardens require up to 85% less water than non-native gardens as well as fewer pesticides. Native gardens also produce 60% less green waste per year. These benefits are heightened when gardens replace lawns, which are notorious for creating poor stormwater management.


Attract Biodiverse Native Wildlife

The wildlife Maryland’s ecosystem requires to maintain its integrity are benefitted when Maryland gardeners plant native species. This includes pollinators, such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, all of whom are vital components of the environment that help to ensure the fruits, vegetables and other plants we consume daily are able to thrive. Native clump-forming grasses serve as the perfect shelter for ground-dwelling birds, such as mourning doves and songbirds. The fruit and nuts from native trees, such as blackgum and white oak, provide food and shelter for squirrels, chipmunks and native birds.


Stress Less for a Beautiful Garden

Because native plants are already acclimated to Maryland’s climate and environment, the maintenance required to keep your garden looking beautiful is greatly reduced. In fact, growing a native garden reduces the amount of time needed to maintain its condition by approximately 70%. This means less time weeding, treating disease, watering and feeding and more time relaxing and enjoying the bounty and beauty of your outdoor space.

Speaking of beauty, there are a wide variety of native plants that will add gorgeous color and texture to your garden. From wildflowers like the vibrant and long-blooming butterfly weed and easy-going bergamot; to grasses such as frothy and graceful bluestem or tall and flowy Indiangrass; you’re sure to find a native Maryland species that speaks to your garden’s style!    


Bluestem is Committed to Improving the Local Ecosystem Through Native Plantings

With the help of landscape architects and environmental planners such as Human & Rohde and Plusen, the Bluestem team has created a plan to develop a boutique mixed-use space that harmonizes with the natural environment of the Bare Hills area. Inspired by the unique habitat and rock formations of Lake Roland, the landscape developers have chosen a plant palette that implements native plantings, including the bluestem grass for which the development is named. The Bluestem team also seeks to encourage responsible planting by informing apartment-dwellers about the delicate nature of the local ecosystem with information packets included in their lease agreement. These packets will make suggestions about the types of plants tenants are encouraged to keep within their homes and in outdoor spaces and which may be considered invasive or harmful to the surrounding flora and fauna. To learn more about the ways in which Bluestem seeks to create an environmentally friendly space, click here.