Paw Point at Lake Roland: A Dog Lover’s Dream! 

While leashed dogs are free to walk, romp and play throughout Lake Roland park area, dog owners have the opportunity to let their dogs run free and unleashed within the Paw Point enclosed dog park. Here, the community advocates at Bluestem provide an overview of Paw Point and the exciting amenities it has to offer to dog lovers and their furry friends.

What is Paw Point at Lake Roland Park?

Paw Point is an enclosed dog park within Lake Roland park that allows dog owners to let their dogs romp and play unleashed. The park, which is a short walk from Lake Roland park’s main entrance, is a fully enclosed, 1 ¼ acre space that includes lake accessibility. It is open from sunrise to sunset every day of the year, which makes it perfect for year-round fun for even the busiest of dog parents. Membership is available to both Maryland and non-Maryland residents for up to two dogs per membership.   

What Amenities Does Paw Point Offer?

Paw Point at Lake Roland offers a variety of surfaces for dogs to run and play on, including grass, dirt, mulch and rock. Access to Lake Roland, which is cordoned off with buoys, is available through the dog park, where dogs can cool off on hot summer days and take a paddle. A coded gate ensures that only members have access to the enclosure, which means your dog will be able to have fun and stay safe. If too much fun leaves your dog thirsty, fear not—a water pump and dog bowls are available. Time for your dog to do their business? Complimentary doggie waste bags and trash bins are also available.

For the truly devoted dog parents, Paw Point members also have access to fun annual events, such as the Paw Point Halloween Costume Party and Dogs & Donuts. Check out the links to get your cute dog fix.  

How Does Paw Point Ensure the Safety of Our Canine Companions?

The goal of the Paw Point dog park is to provide dog owners with a safe and secure area where their canine companions can run free. As such, Paw Point has a variety of rules and policies in place to ensure Paw Point is a safe and healthy environment for dogs. These rules include that:

  • dogs must be fully immunized and licensed with corresponding tags on their collars,
  • puppies under 4 months can not enter Paw Point,
  • dogs in heat are not permitted,
  • dogs showing signs of aggression or who bark excessively must be removed from Paw Point, and
  • choke, pronged or spiked collars must be removed before entering Paw Point.

You can find a full list of Paw Point rules and regulations here. You can also find important information about Paw Point in their FAQ section.     

Where Do I Sign Up to Be a Member of Paw Point Dog Park?

Ready to show your dog the good life at Lake Roland park? The membership application for Paw Point dog park can be found here. Membership is annual, beginning on January 1st and ending on December 31st. Membership allows for up to 2 dogs to enter Paw Point. Upon approval of the application, members are provided a unique access code to get into Paw Point at Lake Roland.  

Bluestem is Excited to Provide Even More Amenities to the Lake Roland Community

The Lake Roland community is full of amazing businesses and amenities for its residents to enjoy, including Paw Point dog park. By creating a boutique, mixed-use community within the Bare Hills area, Bluestem seeks to expand upon the already existing Bare Hills infrastructure in a way that harmonizes with the current environment while providing much-needed resources. To learn more about the plans for Bluestem and the amenities it will offer, click here.