Spotlight: SGS Law

Smith, Gildea & Schmidt (SGS Law) is a regional law firm with a team of lawyers whose practice areas include complex civil litigation, land use, estates and trusts, business law, governmental affairs and domestic relations. The firm works with a variety of clients including multinational corporations and individuals with particular legal needs.

SGS Law’s role in the Bluestem project will be to assist in the management of legal questions and issues that may arise as a result of the development. SGS Law is committed to a strong partnership with, and vigorous defense of, the Bluestem development, which they believe will have a great and positive impact on the Bare Hills community, particularly in helping improve the quality and safety of Lake Roland and the surrounding watershed.

SGS Law is honored to be involved in the Bluestem project and looks forward to assisting the development team in a legal capacity to ensure that the development is able to serve as a retail and residential hub for the Bare Hills community that also improves accessibility and sustainability for Lake Roland Park. To learn more about Bluestem’s commitment to maintaining the local community and environment, click here. To learn more about Bluestem’s focus on local development, click here.