Spotlight: Bozzuto

Bozzuto is a generationally-owned, independently-operated family real estate company known for their ability to work with communities and partners to develop, build and manage exceptional homes, apartments communities and retail experiences across the U.S. With their headquarters located in Greenbelt, Maryland, Bozzuto understands the local real estate landscape and, as a result, has successfully launched 56 properties in the state of Maryland.

Bozzuto’s role in the Bluestem project will involve owning and managing the apartment property on the development. In managing the Bluestem apartment property, Bozzuto seeks to foster and grow the Bare Hills community and help bring increased vibrancy and opportunity to the area.  

Bozzuto is honored to be involved in the Bluestem project and looks forward to creating an extraordinary neighborhood with the help of the community and partners. To learn more about Bluestem’s commitment to keeping the area community focused, click here. To learn more about Bluestem’s focus on local development, click here.