Locally Developed

The developers of the Bluestem project in the Bare Hills community seek to improve the usability and functionality of Lake Roland by maintaining open communication with community stakeholders and professionals to determine how to best meet the needs of the local community. After a careful consideration of current infrastructure and community concerns, the developers have committed to the following actions.

Development Facilitated by a Regionally-Knowledgeable and Local Team

The Bluestem development team is comprised of specialists who are based in, and familiar with, Maryland and its unique needs. These include professionals from Bozzuto, Vanguard Retail Property Development, Keystone Realty Company, Alexander Design Studio, Human & Rohde, Plusen Landscape Architects, SGS Law, The Traffic Group, MFI Realty, Morris & Ritchie Associates and more. Many of these specialists have played a key role in projects surrounding the Bare hills community. Human & Rohde was the consultant for many of the amenity improvements to Lake Roland park, including the dog park, the boardwalk and more. Bluestem also boasts innumerable local supporters and stakeholders who see the development as an opportunity to enhance the functionality and usability of existing Bare Hills infrastructure.   

Commitment to Maintaining the Local Community

The Bluestem development has been and continues to be designed with the protection and enhanced changes of Lake Roland park in mind. The development went through multiple iterations, including improvements based on the concerns and feedback from the surrounding community and local experts on land use, environmental protection and real estate development. The incredible dedication to maintaining the natural beauty of the park has been a guiding influence of the Bluestem team’s efforts to protect the natural integrity of Lake Roland’s unique and delicate ecosystems. Vanguard also insisted on preemptive planning to ensure the Bluestem development would enhance safety to local traffic, both automotive and pedestrian. Traffic studies have been conducted to ensure the impact would be beneficial.

Enhancement of Local Amenities

The character of the local community will not only be maintained in the creation of the Bluestem development but enhanced as well. While Lake Roland provides bountiful amenities to park-goers, some features exist which have not been adequately enhanced since the park’s inception in the mid-1900s. As the parcel of land where the development will be built is currently laid out, several access roads to the park and surrounding area exist that are unsafe for community members and park-goers alike. Bluestem seeks to create a new, larger and safer access point that will help remove some of the congestion and danger from these various other access points, making it easier and safer for people to walk and drive throughout the community, whether they are trying to access the park or any of the other amenities the Bare Hills community offers. Safe and environmentally-respectful access points to Lake Roland park will be added with parking in the rear of the development, reducing the strain felt in the current access points to the park. Instead of creating an isolated development, the Bluestem development team seeks to create an amenity that interweaves the local community and the park as well as providing many new refined features for the community.