Community Focused

In years past, the term “development” has perhaps left a less-than-pleasant taste in the mouths of community members. This hesitation toward development was not unreasonable, considering some of the environmental practices of old and the push toward faceless, big-box convenience stores. Fortunately, the market has heard these concerns and, especially in unique areas like Baltimore, seeks to establish spaces that bear no resemblance to the bland, hulking developments of old. After taking into consideration the unique needs of the Bare Hills community, the Bluestem development team decided to offer solutions in these ways.  

Turning Community Feedback into Actionable Improvements

The Bluestem development team has maintained a open dialogue with community members and stakeholders in an effort to create a multi-use space that would truly meet the needs of Lake Roland park-goers and those in the Bare Hills community. Feedback the Bluestem team received include concerns on traffic and road safety, a lack of restaurants and retail shopping and a need for better park access. In response to these concerns, the team has created solutions that will alleviate traffic concerns, provide the area with new eateries and retail spaces that will align with the community aesthetic and provide easy, but environmentally sensitive, park access.

Meeting the Unique Needs of Major Demographics

Any thoughtful development team will readily identify the need to meet the unique demands of major demographics, such as Baby Boomers and Millennials, who are seeking to live in ways wholly different from other community members. With a need to downsize, but a desire to remain in their tight-knit communities, Baby Boomers seek an alternative to isolated retirement homes and instead wish to age in place in the neighborhoods they know and love, but in smaller and more accessible spaces. Millennials are increasingly turning toward the suburbs to settle down and raise families, but they still seek the amenities and entertainment that the city offers so close to home. The solution is to create multi-use spaces within Baltimore County that meet the needs of both of these demographics. Baltimore County has been slow to embrace these realities, and we hope that the creation of Bluestem will help spearhead the movement toward more enriching and sustainable “suburban” communities that meet the needs of Maryland residents.   

Maintaining the Close-Knit, Hometown Feel of Baltimore

The Bluestem development team is comprised of stakeholders who understand the unique charms and qualities of Baltimore, not only because they are established in Maryland and have played a major role in many Maryland developments, but because they live and play in the very communities in which they create new spaces. As Bozzuto, the residential development consultants for Bluestem, states: “[the] vision is to provide sanctuary for all. We work with partners and communities to develop, build and manage homes, apartment communities and retail experiences that enrich neighborhoods and the lives of those who live there.” The Bluestem development team understands that Baltimore residents want a local, boutique and off-beat experience in the spaces in which they live, work and enjoy their time. This is why Bluestem is committed to a development with a unique look and feel that will bring a rich variety of local entrepreneurs and residents who have a passion for all that Baltimore offers its community members.